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Publications 1986 - 1990

"Adsorbate-covered metal surfaces and reactions on metal surfaces",
J. Wintterlin and R. J. Behm, in Scanning Tunneling Microscopy I, eds. H.-J. Güntherodt and R. Wiesendanger, Springer Series in Surface Sciences, Vol. 20 (Springer, Berlin, 1991), p. 39ff.
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"Atomic motion and mass transport in the oxygen induced reconstruction of Cu(110)",
J. Wintterlin, R. Schuster, D. J. Coulman, G. Ertl, and R. J. Behm, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 9, 902 (1991).
"An STM investigation of the Cu(110)-c(6x2) system",
D. J. Coulman, J. Wintterlin, J. V. Barth, G. Ertl, and R. J. Behm, Surf. Sci. 240, 151 (1990).
"Direct imaging of adsorption sites and local electronic bond effects on a metal surface: C/Al(111)",
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"A novel mechanism for the formation of chemisorption phases: The (2x1)O-Cu(110) 'added row' reconstruction",
D. J. Coulman, J. Wintterlin, R. J. Behm, and G. Ertl, Phys. Rev. Lett. 64, 1761 (1990).
"Reconstruction and subsurface lattice distortions in the (2x1)O-Ni(110) structure: A LEED analysis",
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"Atomic-resolution imaging of close-packed metal surfaces by scanning tunneling microscopy",
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"Imaging of individual atoms on an Al(111) surface by scanning tunneling microscopy",
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"Formation and stability of a metastable c(2x4)O structure on an unreconstructed Ni(110) surface",
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"Direct observation of a nucleation and growth process on an atomic scale",
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"On the kinetics and mechanism of the oxygen induced (2x1) reconstruction of Ni(110)",
R. J. Behm, G. Ertl, and J. Wintterlin, Ber. Bunsenges. Phys. Chem. 90, 294 (1986).
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