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Dynamics on Surfaces

The dynamic behavior of atoms, molecules and clusters on surfaces plays a vital role in various surface and interface processes. For example, the growth of crystals and thin films, self-assembly processes, and catalytic reactions all require mass transport. For the investigation of such processes we combine a high-speed STM setup with a variable-temperature STM. This combination allows us monitoring the dynamics of single atoms and molecules over a much broader time window than before, a prerequisite for the extraction of precise kinetic parameters.

Recent publication: “Density fluctuations as door-opener for diffusion on crowded surfaces”, A.-K. Henß, S. Sakong, P.K. Messer, J. Wiechers, R. Schuster, D.C. Lamb, A. Groß, and J. Wintterlin, Science 363, 715 (2019).
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